Combining strength and beauty, BonnieLines GRATESTONE   Pavers are ideal where truly unique and beautiful paving is needed. The patented GRATESTONE   system gives each course of pavers a "lock" into the next row adding strength and stability to the finished pavement. With a vast variety of patterns and combinations to choose from, GRATESTONE   can meet the most demanding design requirements. Manufactured to give the long-term stability and performance, GRATESTONE's   unique designs help maintain a smooth surface for years to come.
GRATESTONE    is an ideal selection for driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, plazas, malls, and parking lots. GRATESTONE    is the perfect choice in adding that extra touch of beauty and elegance anywhere an application of pavers is needed.
Manufactured to the highest of industry standards, BonnieLines GRATESTONE   Pavers have a minimum of 8,000 psi compressive strength and less than 5% absorption.
Excavate unstable sub grade and compact the area. Place 3/4" top size crushed gravel of limestone with fines. Pedestrian 4"-6" and Vehicular 10"-12". Base drainage should be specified if necessary and soil stabilization cloth used if needed, compact base to 95% density. Screened setting bed of clean, course "concrete" sand to a constant un-compacted depth of 1"-1.5". Install BonnieLines Pavers maintaining 1/8" joints. Cut as necessary with splitter or saw. With cuts completed and edges restrained, compact BonnieLines Pavers with a 3,000# - 5,000# plate type vibration compactor. Fill joints with remaining sand.
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U.S. Patent #D645980